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6320-3 Alemite Grease Gun Control Valve,M,L 12"

Alemite Grease Gun Control Valve, Type: Standard high pressure control valve, Style: Metal seal, 1/8" NPTF(f) thread, Size: Medium, Length: 12", Material: Steel, Working PSI: 7500, Handle Material: Steel
$203.47 / Each

6509-D Alemite Hose Coupler,Standard swivel hydraulic coupler

Alemite Hose Coupler, Type: Standard swivel hydraulic coupler, Style: Metal seal, 1/8" NPTF(f) thread, Length: 3-1/2", Material: Steel, Connection Type: Female, Working PSI: 10000
$60.60 / Each

6509-E Alemite Hose Coupler,Narrow DIA swivel hydraulic coupler,Rubber seal

Alemite Hose Coupler, Type: Narrow diameter swivel hydraulic coupler, Style: Rubber seal, 1/8" NPTF(f) thread, Length: 4", Material: Steel, Connection Type: Female, Working PSI: 10000
$60.60 / Each

6638-B Alemite Extension

Alemite Extension
$21.94 / Each

6679-J3 Alemite Grease Gun,Grease Gun

Alemite Grease Gun, Grease Gun
$316.90 / Each

6709-B4 Alemite Bearing Packer Hand Pump,Attaches to original refinery container,M

Alemite Bearing Packer, Type: Hand pump, Style: Attaches to original refinery containers, Size: Medium, Material: Steel
$697.72 / Each

6783 Alemite Adaptor,Needle nose adapter,Contact nozzle and locking sleeve,S,5"

Alemite Adaptor, Type: Needle nose adapter, Style: Contact nozzle and locking sleeve, Size: Small, Length: 5", Material: Steel
$26.95 / Each

6796 Alemite Barrel Pump-Telescoping

Alemite Barrel Pump - Telescopin
$76.58 / Each


$88.02 / Each

7117-1 Alemite Oil Pump

Alemite Oil Pump
$67.44 / Each

7118-1 Alemite Barrel Pump Loader,Pump,Loader (25-35 LB)

Alemite Barrel Pump Loader, Pump, Loader (25-35 LB)
$76.09 / Each

7216-4 Alemite Transfer Pump

Alemite Transfer Pump
$1,020.15 / Each