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B52752 Alemite Grease Fitting,Swivel 1/4"-1/2-27 REPLACED BY B52752

Alemite Grease Fitting, Swivel 1/4" - 1/2-27 REPLACED BY B52752
$104.53 / Each

B6278 Alemite-Grease Swivel Adaptor,includes-Swivel Hydraulic Coupler 6509-D

Alemite Grease Fitting, 90 Degrees Grease Coupler
$97.36 / Each

B6638 Alemite Extension & Coupler Blister pack

Alemite Ext ension & Coupler Blister pack
$20.44 / Each

C69 Alemite Lubrication Fitting

Alemite Lubrication Fitting
$2.25 / Each

F100 Alemite F-A-R Grease Gun,Pistol grip air cartridge grease gun,Specialty Series

Alemite F-A-R Grease Gun, Type: Pistol grip air cartridge grease gun, Style: Specialty Series with rigid extension & coupler, Delivery: 1oz per 7 cycles, Capacity: 16oz, PSI: 6,000
$70.02 / Each

F101 Alemite Grease Gun,Lever gun,Standard Duty Series 3-way loading,14 oz,Sm

Alemite Grease Gun, Type: Lever gun, Style: Standard Duty Series 3-way loading, Capacity: 14 oz, Size: Small, Material: Steel, Working PSI: 4300
$28.00 / Each

F104 Alemite Grease Gun,Mini pistol grease gun,Standard Duty Series 2-way loading,3 oz,Sm

Alemite Grease Gun, Type: Mini pistol grease gun, Style: Standard Duty Series 2-way loading, Capacity: 3 oz, Size: Small, Material: Steel, Working PSI: 2900
$20.60 / Each

F105 Alemite Grease Gun,SUCTION GUN

Alemite Grease Gun, SUCTION GUN
$14.73 / Each

F106 Alemite Grease Gun,Standard Lever Grease Gun,Up to 8000 psi

Alemite Grease Gun, Standard Lever Grease Gun, Up to 8000 psi
$17.64 / Each

M1184 Alemite Lubrication Fitting,1/8" Button Head Grease Fitting

Alemite Lubrication Fitting, 1/8" Button Head Grease Fitting
$19.29 / Each

Z737 Alemite Grease Fitting,FLUSH NOZZLE

Alemite Grease Fitting, FLUSH NOZZLE
$7.71 / Each

Z741-A Alemite Standard Flush Type Slotted

Alemite Standard Flush Type Slotted
$2.64 / Each