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1120 Gentec Jobber,Medium Duty Deluxe W/152 regs,3 Welding & 1 Heating Nozzle W/Check Valve

Gentec Jobber, Medium Duty Deluxe with 152 regs, 3 Welding & 1 Heating Nozzle with Check Valve, Gauge Protector and Tool Box, Model Number: 100112001
$573.00 / Each

1130 Gentec,Heavy Duty Deluxe W/153 regs,3 Welding & 1 Heating Nozzles W/Check Valve

Gentec COMMANDER I, Heavy Duty Deluxe with 153 regs, 3 Welding & 1 Heating Nozzles with Check Valve, Gauge Protector and Tool box, Model Number: 100113001
$888.00 / Each

12-PTC Gentec TOTE-A-TORCH,Medium Duty Deluxe W/Carrier,Cylinders,Check valves in Standard Cases

Gentec TOTE-A-TORCH, Medium Duty Deluxe with Carrier, Cylinders & check valves in Standard Cases, Model Number: 100120002
$737.00 / Each

142C Gentec Cutting Attachment,Medium Duty ,Tube Mix (CA1350),121142001

Gentec Cutting Attachment, Medium Duty, Tube Mix (CA1350), Model Number: 121142001
$149.20 / Each

142T Gentec Torch Handle,Medium Duty (100C),121142002

Gentec Torch Handle, Medium Duty (100C), Model Number: 121142002
$130.10 / Each

173H-6 Gentec Heating Nozzle,Heavy Duty 6 (6-MFA),122617302

Gentec Heating Nozzle, Heavy Duty, Size 6 (6-MFA), Model Number: 122617302
$92.40 / Each

173H-8 Gentec Heating Nozzle,Heavy Duty 8 (8-MFA),122617303

Gentec Heating Nozzle, Heavy Duty, Size 8 (8-MFA), Model Number: 122617303
$93.30 / Each

190AR-50 Gentec Flowgauge Regulator,"Mig Meter" Argon,CGA580,110035000

Gentec Flowgauge Regulator, "Mig Meter" Argon, CGA580, Model Number: 110035000
$105.20 / Each

191AR-60 Gentec Flowmeter Regulator,1 Pc,Piston Type,Argon GCA580,110045000

Gentec Flowmeter Regulator, 1 Piece, Piston Type, Argon GCA580, Model Number: 110045000
$131.30 / Each

229 Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Economy,CGA580,110145000

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Economy, CGA580, Model Number: 110145000
$34.50 / Each

229G Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Economy W/Gauge,CGA580,110145003

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Economy with Gauge, CGA580, Model Number: 110145003
$56.20 / Each

230 Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator,Wrench Tight,CGA580,110159002

Gentec Balloon Filler Regulator, Wrench Tight, CGA580, Model Number: 110159002
$53.00 / Each