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Howard Berger Co

Howard Berger Co
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01795 Alliance Paint Roller Cover,9"x3/8"

Paint Roller Cover, Size: 9" X 3/8"
$2.12 / Each

106P Alliance Plunger,6",Red Rubber Force Cup,Hardwood Handle

Plunger, Size: 6", Type: plumber's force cup style, Material: Rubber with hardwood handle, Color: Red force cup
$3.00 / Each

1123LG/C Alliance Broom,Large Angle with Handle,Blue

Broom, Type: Large Angle with handle, Color: Blue
$9.00 / Each

1234E Alliance Utility Bucket,5 Gal,Heavy Duty Pail W/Handle,Plastic

Utility Bucket, Size: 5 Gal, Type: Heavy Duty Pail with Handle, Material: Plastic
$13.56 / Each

24QSPW Alliance Bucket W/side press wringer,24 Qt,Yellow

Bucket with side press wringer, Size: 24 Qt, Color: Yellow, Type: 2" Non-marking castors & removable divider
$79.20 / Each

2810 Alliance Brush,1",Gold,Poly Pt

Brush, Size: 1", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt
$1.60 / Each

2815 Alliance Brush,1-1/2",Gold,Poly Pt

Brush, Size: 1-1/2", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt
$2.24 / Each

2820 Alliance Brush,2",Gold,Poly Pt

Brush, Size: 2", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt
$2.88 / Each

2820A Alliance Brush,2" SASH,Gold,Poly Pt

Brush, Size: 2" SASH, Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt
$3.04 / Each

2825 Alliance Brush,2-1/2",Gold,Poly Pt

Brush, Size: 2-1/2", Color: Gold, Material: Poly Pt
$4.56 / Each

30000 Alliance Dust Mop Handle,1"x54" Long,Aluminum Handle

Quick Change Dust Mop Handle, Size: 1" x 54" Long, Material: Aluminum Handle
$12.00 / Each

35224 Alliance Dust Mop Frame,5"x24",Model #627,Metal frame

Dust Mop Frame: Size: 5" X 24", Model: #627, Type: Quick change, Material: Metal frame
$8.12 / Each