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Howard Berger Co

Howard Berger Co
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35236 Alliance Dust Mop Frame,5"x36",Model #627,Metal frame

Dust Mop Frame, Size: 5" X 36", Model #627, Type: Quick change, Material: Metal frame
$11.08 / Each

36QSPYW Alliance Divided bucket W/wringer,36 Qt,Yellow,3"

Divided bucket with wringer, Size: 36 Qt, Color: Yellow, Type: 3" Non-marking castors with volume markings, Style: Side Press wringer
$148.00 / Each

37024 Alliance Dust Mop,5"x24",cotton

Dust Mop, Size: 5" X 24", Material: cotton
$9.00 / Each

37036 Alliance Dust Mop,5"x36",Fringed head W/zipper tie,Cotton,Washable"mesh bag

Dust Mop, Size: 5" X 36", Type: Fringed head with zipper tie, Material: Cotton, Style: Washable in mesh bag
$10.96 / Each

400240 Alliance Janitor Center Bolt Mop Handle,JMSW Long Hardwood Handle,54"x1-1/8" handle

Janitor Center Bolt Mop Handle, Type: JMSW Long Hardwood Handle, Size: 54" x 1-1/8" handle & 7" wide head
$10.00 / Each

712 Alliance Industrial Dustpan,BLK,#712,Plastic,12x12

INDUSTRIAL DUSTPAN BLK PLS Model# 712, Material: Plastic, Size: 12x12
$4.20 / Each

761 Alliance Broom,Wisk broom,100% Natural Corn,Strong Stitching,Metal hang-up ring

Broom, Type: Wisk broom, Material: 100% Natural Corn, Style: Strong stitching with metal hang-up ring
$3.56 / Each

79900 Alliance Paint Grid,Heavy duty

Paint Grid, Type: Heavy duty
$4.60 / Each

79920 Alliance Frame,9",Super Deluxe,5/16" rod nylon Handle

Frame, Size: 9", Type: Super Deluxe with 5/16" rod nylon Handle
$4.40 / Each

812 Alliance Dust pan,Lobby W/Horizontal locking,36"H x12"W x11"D

Dust pan, Type: Lobby with Horizontal locking, Size: 36"H x12"W x11"D, Material: Plastic hopper with strong lightweight aluminum handle, Style: For use with wet or dry trash
$27.96 / Each

92018 Alliance Broom,18",Push broom,Tampico fiber (head only) and Hardwood block

Broom, Size: 18", Type: Push broom, Material: Tampico fiber (head only) and Hardwood block
$17.00 / Each

92024 Alliance Broom,24",Push broom,Tampico fiber (head only) and Hardwood block

Broom, Size: 24", Type: Push broom, Material: Tampico fiber (head only) and Hardwood block
$26.75 / Each