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Howard Berger Co

Howard Berger Co
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GB18 Alliance Palymyra Broom,Garage broom with handle,18"-4" Trim

Broom, Type: Garage broom with handle, Size: 18" - 4" Trim
$18.88 / Each

GB24 Alliance Palymyra Broom,Garage broom with handle,24"-4" Trim

Broom, Type: Garage broom with handle, Size: 24" - 4" Trim
$20.76 / Each

HBC6 Alliance Dust pan,12"x8.25",Black

Dust pan, Size: 12"x8.25", Material: Steel, Color: Black
$13.40 / Each

MET28 Alliance Pail,14 Qt,Galvanized metal

Pail, Size: 14 Qt, Material: Galvanized metal
$23.00 / Each

MET2830 Alliance Deck Scrub,8",Palmyra

Deck Scrub, Size: 8", Material: Palmyra
$3.96 / Each

PPB24H Alliance Broom,24" Head only-3" trim,push broom,SYNTH bristle with hardwood handle

Broom, Size: 24" Head only - 3" trim, Type: push broom, Material: Synthetic bristle with hardwood handle
$21.96 / Each

PRE922X3 Alliance Paint Roller Cover,3/8"

Paint Roller Cover, Size: 3/8", Packaging Qty: 3 per each pack
$5.60 / Each

PRE925 Alliance Paint Roller Cover,9"x1/4"

Paint Roller Cover, Size: 9" X 1/4"
$2.20 / Each

PRE933 Alliance Paint Roller Cover,9"x1-1/4"

Paint Roller Cover, Size: 9" X 1-1/4"
$3.00 / Each

PRE962 Alliance Paint Roller Cover,9"x3/4"

Paint Roller Cover, Size: 9" X 3/4"
$2.76 / Each

PRE9T Alliance Paint Tray,11"X15",Metal,W/legs

Paint Tray, Size: 11"X15", Material: Metal, Type: With legs
$7.80 / Each

PSP1G Alliance Pressure sprayer,Multi purpose,light weight sprayer,1 gal

Pressure Sprayer, Type: Multi purpose, light weight sprayer with shoulder strap, Size: 1 Gal, Includes: Adjustable fiberglass wand and spray nozzle
$23.76 / Each