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Janitorial & Cleaning
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7565-02 Gojo Hand Cleaner,PRO multi Green hand cleaner,5000 ml

Gojo Hand Cleaner, Type: PRO multi green hand cleaner, Style: 2000+ uses scrubbing citrus hand cleaner, Size: 5000 ml bag-in-box
$75.76 / Each

7572-02 Gojo Supromax Hand Cleaner Dispenser Refills,5000 ml

Gojo Supromax Hand Cleaner Dispenser Refills, Type: Soap refill for use with Gojo Pro 5000 dispenser, Style: Fast and effective lotion hand cleaner removes tough or sticky soils and adhesives, Size: 5000 ml bag-in-box per case
$166.32 / Case

7580-02 Gojo E-2 Hand Sanitizing Lotion,Clear E-2 sanitizing lotion soap,5000 ml

Gojo E-2 Hand Sanitizing Lotion, Type: Clear E-2 sanitizing lotion soap, Style: One-step hand washing and sanitizing soap refills that are for the food processing industry, Size: 5000 ml bag-in-box
$71.65 / Each

7580-88-YEL Rubbermaid WAVEBREAK Bucket Wringer Combo,35Qts

Rubbermaid WAVEBREAK Bucket Wringer Combo, Type: Side press combo wringer, Style: Premium tubular steel and structural web molded plastic
$138.72 / Each

7596-02 Gojo Power Gold Hand Cleaner,lotion dispensor refill,Green,5000 ml

Gojo Power Gold Hand Cleaner, Type: Bag-in-box lotion dispenser refill, Style: Multi-purpose, heavy duty hand cleaner, Color: Green, Size: 5000 ml
$81.73 / Each

761 Alliance Broom,Wisk broom,100% Natural Corn,Strong Stitching,Metal hang-up ring

Broom, Type: Wisk broom, Material: 100% Natural Corn, Style: Strong stitching with metal hang-up ring
$3.56 / Each

812 Alliance Dust pan,Lobby W/Horizontal locking,36"H x12"W x11"D

Dust pan, Type: Lobby with Horizontal locking, Size: 36"H x12"W x11"D, Material: Plastic hopper with strong lightweight aluminum handle, Style: For use with wet or dry trash
$27.96 / Each

8240-06 Gojo Lotion Refill,lotion dispensor refill,Medicated lotion,White,800 ml

Gojo Lotion Refill, Type: Bag-in-box lotion dispenser refill, Style: Medicated lotion, Color: White, Size: 800 ml
$18.20 / Each

8242-06 Gojo PRO Skin-Hand Sanitizing Lotion,Hand medic quickly absorbs,500 ml

Gojo PRO Skin-Hand Sanitizing Lotion, Type: Hand medic quickly absorbs, with no greasy after-feel, Style: Use before work, after hand washing and at night to help maintain the skins natural protective barrier, Size: 500 ml bag-in-box
$23.35 / Each

83007 Osborn CURVED HANDLE ECONOMY SCRATCH (13-3/4" OALx.012 SS)

$4.34 / Each

83008 Osborn SHOE HANDLE ECONOMY SCRATCH (10" OALx.012 SSx1-1/8)

$4.57 / Each

8911 Milwaukee Shop Vac,Wet/dry vacuum cleaner,2 Stage bypass motor,vacuum holds 11 gal

Milwaukee Shop Vac, Type: Wet/dry vacuum cleaner, Style: 2 Stage bypass motor, vacuum holds 11 gallons, Voltage: 120V, Amps: 7.5A, Max Air Flow: 94 cu. ft/min, Sealed Suction in Water: 84", Material: Steel tank
$870.00 / Each