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Welding Supplies - Welding Helmets and Accessories
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1007.000 Optrel Welding Helmet p550 Unpainted Black

Optrel Welding Helmet, Lens Coating/Shade: 9-13, Window Size: 2" x 4-1/4", Color: Unpainted Black
$231.00 / Each

110PWE Fibre-Metal eliner Welding Helmet,Fiberglass,White

Fibre-Metal Pipeliner Welding Helmet, Material: Fiberglass, Color: White, Size: 2" x 4 1/4", Includes: P247, Shade 10 Polycarbonate Filter Plate and P242 CR-39 Clear Cover Plate, Style: Rubber Headband
$69.06 / Each

1CP Fibre-Metal Headgear (eliner) Elastic for 110P Welding Helmet

Fibre-Metal Headgear (Pipeliner) Elastic (Rubber) Neoprene Strap, For 110P Welding Helmet
$19.07 / Each

1CR Fibre-Metal Headgear (eliner) Ratchet for 110WH and 700 Welding Helmets

Fibre-Metal Headgear (Pipeliner) Ratchet, For: 110WH and 700 Welding Helmets
$20.99 / Each

46719-74104 3M Welding Helmet 10 101185,w/o Headband and Auto-Darkening Filter

3M(TM) Welding Helmet 10, Welding Safety 101185, without Headband and Auto-Darkening Filter 1/Case
$17.13 / Case

46719-74109 3M Welding Helmet 10 W/Auto-Darkening Filter 10V 101121,Shades 10-12

CALL FOR PRICE- 3M(TM) Welding Helmet 10 with Auto-Darkening Filter 10V, Welding Safety 101121, Shades 10-12 1/Case
Call for pricing / Case

5000.250 Optrel Outside Cover lens for p550

Optrel Outside Cover Lens, For: p500 series only, Shade: Clear, Pack Qty: 5
$10.35 / Set

51131-17160 3M Speedglas Black Welding Helmet 100 07-0012-00BL

3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Black Welding Helmet 100, Welding Safety 07-0012-00BL, without Headband and 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Auto-Darkening Filter 1 EA/Case
$31.04 / Case

51131-37148 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet Throat and Side Protector-

3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Welding Helmet Throat and Side Protector, Welding Safety 18-0099-68/37148(AAD) Leather 1/Case
$42.00 / Case

51131-37174 3M Speedglas Outside Protection Plate,Series/9100,06-0200-51/37174(AAD),Standard

3M Speedglas Outside Protection Plate, Series: 9100, Model: 06-0200-51 / 37174(AAD), Type: Standard, Packaging Qty: 10 per case
$25.88 / Case

51131-37226 3M Speedglas Steel Eyes Welding Helmet 100 07-0012-31SE/37226(AAD)

3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Steel Eyes Welding Helmet 100, Welding Safety 07-0012-31SE/37226(AAD), with 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Auto-Darkening Filter 100V, Shades 8-12 1 EA/Case
$241.61 / Case

51131-37227 3M Speedglas Skull Jewels Welding Helmet 100 07-0012-31SJ/37227(AAD)

3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Skull Jewels Welding Helmet 100, Welding Safety 07-0012-31SJ/37227(AAD), with 3M(TM) Speedglas(TM) Auto-Darkening Filter 100V, Shades 8-12 1 EA/Case
$241.61 / Case